TWIST-AIR Fuel Gas Saver Spiral BMW 318ic 1.8L Fits to factory intake

  • Boosts fuel mileage by 10%
  • Improves engine horsepower by 3-5%
  • Smooth out throttle response, improves acceleration
  • 10-minute installation
  • 10-year warranty

Twist Air Fuel Gas Saver Engine AirTWIST AIR Fuel Gas Saver for BMW 318

ORIGINAL MAGNUM TWIST-AIR * DIRECT FIT TO YOUR VEHICLE * More & regulated air means more usable power & acceleration throughout the engine’s RPM range. Twist-Air concept was designed to improve fuel efficiency low-, mid-range power & torque. This increased air volume & vortex-like air action results a turbulent air & accordingly aggressive combustion in the chambers. Twist-Air provides PEAK ECONOMY ultimate performance & peppy throttle response, REDUCES FUEL CONSUMPTION BY 10% & increases HP by 3-5%. Special spiral shaped geometry optimizes & speed up the incoming air charge in the intake. This in return gives you tremendous combustion efficiency. More air charge – more power and less fuel. It provides an improvement in both economy & power. Kit supplied comes with all stuff required for installation. It installs within the air filter. Precision spiral shaped geometry optimizes & accelerates airflow throughout the intake system. When it comes to engine airflow, there are several factors steal engine power: low air volume & elevated air temperature. Factory intake systems provide lower than desired air volume. With our spiral installed those concerns are left behind. Twist-air will accelerate the air flow within the intake tract therefore engine will be fed by cooler, faster air mass, without undesired irregular swirling. Regulated vortex with spiral shape warrants perfect combustion, 100 % efficiency, more power, & peak economy. State-of-the-art Twist-Air causes a spinning action of the incoming air-charge as air passes through the intake tract. This extremely beneficial air-charge carries all the way into the combustion chamber, producing a super-atomized mixture, which produces incredible gains in efficiency as well as in power. This is the key factor to the MPG improvement success behind Magnum Twist-Air. MAGNUM has been dealing with manufacture of fuel savers since 1994. Parts are made in Europe & covered by 10-YEAR WARRANTY.

Twist Air Fuel Gas Saver 10 year warranty Twist Air Fuel Gas Saver Engine Twist Air Fuel Gas Saver Vortex 2 Twist Air Fuel Gas Saver Vortex


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